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rugby nutrition performanceTony Underwood, England Rugby International

"The Herbalife sport products have allowed me to keep in just as good a shape as I had when I was playing top class rugby. Not bad when you consider that my training regime presently consists of just doing press-ups and sit-ups morning and evening which, as you can imagine, is not quite the schedule I used to maintain!

My full time job currently consists of sitting in a cockpit hours on end. It is a very sedentary existence and indeed before I took the products it meant that I was fast turning into your overweight, stereotypical, middle-aged pilot, not to mention ex rugby player. I have now taken control of my nutrition and not only have I stopped middle-aged spread I have also begun to give my body the best protection I can from the damaging environment in which I work.
Thankfully I have discovered these products and they have made a huge difference to me. But if only I had discovered them during my playing days, knowing now how important optimum nutrition is for optimal performance. I am positive that whatever your challenges the products can help you too. Don't look back with regret as I do now. You have the gift of good nutrition right now. Take the products, feel the difference and enjoy a new beginning.

Thys Stoltz, Western Province Rugby Team

thys stoltz rugby performance "I started using Herbalife as a rugby Nutrition Supplement 3 times a day, in the morning before practice, at noon and again before the second practice in the evening.

I experienced an almost immediate energy increase and after three weeks on the products, I moved up 16 places to number 2 in the Squad’s test group!"

Thy moved to France as a rugby player, then became a coach and is now Director of Rugby at Marseille Rugby Club in the South of France. He says "I continue to use the Herbalife nutrition on a daily basis and have my top 35 rugby players using them as well in order to give them the edge and performance that I experienced while still playing."

Keith Dungait - rugby club player, Northumberland, UK

The millennium arrived and like any 23 year old I celebrated (to the excess) and woke up with what I thought was a huge hangover. This didn’t go away for about 2 months, I’d actually caught a bad case of flu and it knocked me off my feet. From that I got a secondary chest infection, which completely wiped me out. I would be off work for a month, go back for a week then off again, I was on the sick for 5 – 6 months, I simply had no energy and my muscles ached constantly. I play rugby; I couldn’t actually play for 1 year I was that tired. The doctor said I had ‘post viral fatigue syndrome’ – a form of ME; it would be in my system for about 3 years. Every morning when I woke up my chest was “full”. He prescribed me 2 different types of antibiotics, which had no affect what so ever. I saw a specialist and he diagnosed me as having the symptoms of asthma but it wasn’t! All I had to do was rest and battle it out.

I started using NiteWorks; within 10 days of taking it I had noticed a massive difference every morning. The one major thing I had noticed was that by now I had started gentle rugby training again and for the first ½ hour or so I couldn’t breathe very well until fully warmed up. Within 2 weeks of taking the product I could go out and join in the warm up straight away without wheezing.

The next major achievement came in January 2001. I had started playing rugby again in December 2000 and managed a couple of games for my local club. In my younger days I had been involved in representative squads and because my name was in the system I got invited to join a representative squad called the Scottish Exiles. I explained my illness and that I was not fit, but they told me if they saw enough skill they would get me fit. To cut a long story short, out of the 21 players in the team that were undefeated and won the championship 19 were semi professional or professional players (2 of them are now full Scottish Internationals). I was one of the 2 amateurs in the squad. These players had a whole season of rugby fitness, training and matches behind them, I had about 5 weeks!!! The last game was the decider for the championship, I played the whole game and we won. I totally and utterly put the energy and stamina I had to get through the toughest game I had ever played in my career to Herbalife rugby nutrition products I used. I was using Herbalifeline, Formula 2, Herbalife’s Schizandra Plus (litres and litres of) and NRG, along of course with my trusty Schizandra Plus. At the end of the game I was shattered, but an hour later I was at the post match function as well as any body in the room. By the way 3 of that squad got international caps for Scotland the next season.

This really brought home to me the power of the Herbalife range of products. I now take all the products in the range, have noticed a major difference in not only my all round energy levels and performance, but my recovery rates after playing and training are incredible. Last season I actually got drug tested after a national division 3 game, I was using every product in the Herbalife range and the test was clear.

Richard Boliter, Western Province U18 Rugby Player

rugby nutrition perform "Looking after my nutrition in rugby gives me a huge advantage."

He says "I use the Herbalife nutrition products before, during and after practise sessions and games for fuelling, refuelling, hydration and recovery. I can definitely feel a big difference in sustained energy levels during a game as well as the speed of my recovery afterwards as long as I use the products correctly. On the odd occasion I slip up and forget, I feel a big difference. I have been using Herbalife nutrition for 11 years so its now second nature to me."

Favourite Herbalife nutrition products: Formula 1 healthy shakes, Protein powder, Protein bars, RoseOx, Formula 2 multi vitamins, Cell Activator, H3O Pro, Liftoff, NRG, Herbalifeline.

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